ColorIQ Certification Program


ColorIQ has been teaching color professionals since early 2007 and is the most thorough, detailed educational program that addresses the educational needs of color consultants, designers/decorators, stagers, and anyone who works with color. 

Through ColorIQ you will learn the correct language and the “why” of color as it relates to the built environment. No more guessing! Have the absolute confidence to specify color and the assurance that it willl turn out exactly as you visualized it.

ColorIQ is a complete program that provides you with both skills and tools to become a Certified Architectural Color Consultant (CACC). While many classes promise you’ll learn these skills in 1 or 2 days, we know it takes time and dedication to your craft to become the best you can be.  This is why we are prepared and dedicated to continue working alongside you even after you complete the class to help you learn and grow!

The original ColorIQ Certification Course was designed as a standalone class for both new students and practicing color consultants as well as a solid base to build on and further your education. It is offered in both a live classroom and online!

Create a solid foundation of skills with "The Science and Fundamentals of Architectural Color," "The Color Consultation Process" and "The Business of Color™." Our program focuses on “understanding” vs. merely learning. 

You will never leave any of our classes wondering if you really “get it” or if you will be able to confidently practice it in real life! Every single concept is proven in real-time, demonstrated and practiced so you will always leave with a sense of authenticity and accomplishment. “If you think you know color, be prepared to be amazed because we will show you what no other class is prepared to. ” 


What Will I Learn?



If you've ever dreamed of a career in color, we can help you get to your goal with the ColorIQ Program. Learn Online with a dedicated teacher or join a Live class at the Color LAB Studio in San Diego or any one of our satellite sites. Our program teaches you how to become a top-level Certified Color Consultant. Our curriculum includes everything you need to know about the Science of Color, the Color Consultation Process and the Business of Color. Through color projects, lectures, video and group discussion, you will learn more about architectural color than any other course available. You will become proficient in color specification, but more importantly, you will learn how to design with color! Even if you thought you knew everything about color, you would be amazed at what we have to teach you!

Live Classroom

This class is 3 full days packed with lecture, video, hands-on projects, and more. Satisfactory completion of all projects and tests will earn your CACC appellation. 

$1395 (Earn up to 4 CEUs)

Online Class

6 weeks 6 projects! You will be working one-on-one with your teacher through our eLearning portal to successfully complete your certification. Satisfactory completion of all projects and tests will earn your CACC appellation. Work at your own pace on your own schedule. $975

About Us

CACC Curriculum (partial list)


Communicating Color

Cultural Influence

Color Impression vs Color Psychology

Visual Ergonomics

The Interaction of Color

Subtaction of Color in Practice

The Color Context Model

Color Profiling

Color in Retail, Commercial, and Healthcare

Architectural Coatings

The Rules of Color Placement

Marketing Color

The Consutation Process

Successful Client/Project Control

Setting your fees for maximum profit

What's Included in the class?


  • Workbook/all forms, worksheets and projects
  • Two Color Decks or Architectural sets
  • Custom USB with all business forms
  • Proprietery Color Tools
  • CACC Appellation and logo
  • Press Release for your hometown news media
  • Student discounts
  • Personal Mentoring after class completion