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Special Color Course

Strategic Color Design for Health, Education, and Economic Benefit

Presented by Gloria Robertson

When people think about color, most think of how it makes something more attractive — a hat, a room, a building, a car. Even the simplest garden is more attractive when it has colorful flowers to counterbalance the greenery. The decorative nature of color can add beauty to the most dismal settings.

Colors for Health is not about any of that. Colors for Health is about using color strategically to help improve and secure the lives of aging, disabled, and patient populations. Because color used strategically can alleviate confusion and distress. Color used strategically can support patient mobility and independence. And color used strategically can help prevent accidents. All of which can, in turn, also help reduce medical incidents, contain costs, and increase lifestyle and healthcare satisfaction.

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Who is this workshop for?

  • Color Consultants
  • Interior Designers
  • Healthcare Facility Managers
  • Architects/Builders

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Saturday May 18, 2019

9 am - 11am


The Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University, 

25 Park Place NE

Atlanta, GA 30303 


Colors for Health provides a fresh perspective on senior care/senior living environments that should change how patients, their families, and health care institutions plan environments for seniors from now on. Their genuinely eye-opening, constructive approach will make you think and could help both patients and care budgets stay healthier.”   

Irving Stackpole, President Stackpole & Associates, Inc.  Senior Living Research & Consulting 

"As more is learned about the changes that come about with aging, for example, how our sensory and mobility capacities change, how our cognitive losses impact our ability to understand and use our environment successfully, a skilled designer can more thoughtfully design environments that help the older person compensate for most age-related losses.  This is called “Prosthetic Design”. Gloria Robertson has been at the forefront of this type of design, working with neuroscientists and interior designers to merge these fields in order create interiors to help elders compensate for age-related loss."

Paul Raia, PhD, Ross/Raia Consulting Former VP Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter

"As a teacher, she is one of the best. I have known Gloria for over 10 years, beginning when she joined our faculty in 2008 at the Boston Architectural College. Her student reviews were consistently excellent. Her teaching methods are thoughtful; combining lecture with hands on work, on-site critiques…and she makes it fun! In short, you will remember what you have been taught. Gloria’s new focus on educating and advising those engaged in improving senior living environments through color will be a win-win for both her clients and their beneficiaries"

Jane Toland Former Head of Professional & Continuing Education, Boston Architectural College