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1.   ColorIQ Certification Course (CACC) New online class begins March 15, 2019

Complete your Architectural Color Certification through our easy online portal,. This course includes access to the complete ColorIQ curriculum with daily, weekly or monthly one-on-one sessions with your personal instructor. Six weeks, Six projects to become a Certified Architectural Color Consultant. Learn the science and vocabulary of architectural color, the consultation process, the business process, best business practices and much more!  


2.  Certified Color Specialist (CCS) New Class begins March 31, 2019 

Do you use color in your job? This course is for painters, paint companies, design showroom personnel, stagers and others who work with color as a secondary service. We will give you the correct language and vocabulary, the understanding of how to accurately "read and evaluate" color in the built environment and how to correctly place color. You will also learn how to maximize this skill so you will never again leave money on the table or turn it over to someone more qualified! This class is a game changer if you want a strong competitive advantage!

Online Course $975 (Approx 20 hours to complete) 

3.  The Business of Color (Individual Modules) Registration opens  March 31, 2019

This series of mini-courses will give you the opportunity to laser-focus on the areas you are interested in or would like to further your knowledge in. They are a great addition to your education plan, can be completed in a short amount of time and an excellent opportunity to hone your craft, even with limited time. This course includes six individual modules;

  1. BOC | The Art of Setting Fees for Maximum Profit
  2. BOC | Maximizing Client Confidence
  3. BOC | Marketing Your Color Skills
  4. BOC | The Consultation Process
  5. BOC | Mastering the Language of Color

Each Online Series Module | $65 

(materials including forms forms are included)


Our promise to you...

Our goal and promise is to provide the most thorough, detailed and authentic color education to our students. We are vested in your success as a color consultant or color designer.

How? By following our iCUES Plan. 

What is iCUES? It's our pledge to bring each point into our curriculum to assure that your experience exceeds expectations. It's a promise that you will never leave our class confused or unprepared for success. You will leave our class excited and motivated!

Intuition - Use it, trust it, treasure it

Creativity - Explode it wide open!

Understanding - Not memorizing

Education - Never stop learning

Skills - Build a foundation of expertise