Certified Color Designer

*NEW* Certified Color Designer (CCD)

What is a color designer? 

There are many new specialty professions opening up in the interior design field. An exciting new profession is Certified Color Designer. This class is your next step to elevate your business! If you've been practicing color consulting, interior design or decorating, and want to increase your skills to the next level, learning to Design With Color is for you.

Color specification is the art of selecting colors and coordinating materials such as tile, textiles and flooring for a cohesive and harmonious palette. Color design is integrating color in a creative way! It's learning how to go beyond choosing color for 4 walls and a ceiling. This course will take you to the next level of color!                      Course Fee | $1395


This newly designed course is to provide the next step in the field of architectural color. Building upon what you have learned in the CACC course or previous experience, this course will take you to the next level! 

Some of the things you will learn;

  • Break the rules
  • Steps to creating palettes
  • Unleash your creative spirit
  • Stop matching!
  • Create a dynamic portfolio
  • Create client confidence
  • Market your new skills

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A Life Defined by Color

Certified Architectural Color Consultant (CACC)

ColorIQ has been teaching color professionals since early 2007 and is the most thorough, detailed educational program that addresses the educational needs of color consultants, designers/decorators, stagers, and anyone who works with color. 

Through ColorIQ you will learn the correct language and the “why” of color as it relates to the built environment. No guessing! Have the confidence to specify color and tha assurance that it willl turn out ColorIQ is a complete program that provides you with the skills and tools to become a Certified Architectural Color Consultant (CACC). While many classes promise you’ll learn these skills in 1 or 2 days, we know it takes time and dedication to your craft to become the best you can be.  This is why we are prepared and dedicated to continue working alongside you after you complete the class to help you learn and grow!

The ColorIQ Certification Course is designed as a standalone class for both new students and practicing color consultants as well as a solid base to build upon and further your education. In this 6-week class, we cover the three main categories of color as it pertains to the architectural color consultant, "The Science and Fundamentals of Architectural Color," "The Color Consultation Process" and "The Business of Color™." ColorIQ focuses on “understanding” vs. merely learning. 

You will never leave our class wondering if you really “get it” or if you will be able to confidently practice it in real life! Every single concept is proven in real-time, demonstrated and practiced so you will always leave with a sense of authenticity and accomplishment. “If you think you know color, be prepared to be amazed because we will show you what no other class is prepared to"   

Who is this class for?

  • Interior Designers/Decorators
  • Stagers
  • Kitchen and Bath Professionals
  • Architects

                  Course fee | $1395


Discover what you will learn in this course. The Live classroom is three days packed with color projects, lecture, demonstrations, collaboration, video and more! The Online course is approximately 6 weeks and may be started and completed to suit your schedule

This is a sample of what you will learn;

  • The difference between color theory and architectural color
  • The vocabulary of color
  • How to NEVER guess 
  • Taking your "knack" for color and understand the "why"
  • The consultation process
  • Color tools you'll need
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Create client confidence
  • How to be profitable immediately
  • Marketing your color skills

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Certified Color Specialist

Certified Color Specialist (CCD)

 This CCS course is designed for painters, showroom personnel, home stagers and others that will benefit from a basic, streamlined course in architectural color without the color design elements. This course focuses on color specification, color placement and architectural color theory without the design modules.  

Many times clients are stressed out about color, or just need some guidance. As the painter you may be leaving a lot of money on the table if you're not in the position to guide them! Instead of referring the color decisions to another color professional, use your skills as a Certified Color Specialist to close the gap and help your client make the correct decisions. 

If you're the owner of a paint company, or design showroom, training your staff in color will give you a competetive edge and add to your bottom line! 

  • Don't walk away from $$$
  • Maintain control of the job
  • Gain a competetive edge with this certification

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  • This course would benefit:
  • Painters
  • Showroom Personnel 
  • Paint Companies
  • Anyone who uses color in their job!


  • Learn the difference between architectural color and color theory
  • Master the art of color placement
  • When good color goes bad
  • Color is NOT one size fits all
  • Streamline the color selection process
  • Create a steady flow of referrals

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