What’s Your Color Personality?

I have this little theory that personality types correspond to a distinct color on a color wheel fairly consistently.

Nothing scientific or new here just an observation. We each have a color personality that we turn to for different things such as paint, accessories, makeup and clothes. It may change shapes every so often but we all pretty much have distinct preferences that we carry through life.

I started thinking about my clients and looking back I realized that they all fell into these 10 distinct groups. No matter what part of the country I am working in they were always the same.

personality color wheel

So, I thought it would be interesting to test this theory on myself. In terms of color personality, If I were to choose three words to describe myself, it would definitely be Water Baby (I think I was a dolphin in another life!), A Quiet Soul and last but not least a Traditionalist . Yep, this certainly describes me!

personality color whee3And, here’s a mood board expressing my color personality

My blue Board

ColorIQ Blue Board

All mage sources can be found on Pinterest HERE

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