The ColorIQ Classroom

I Love the ColorIQ classroom! So much to learn and see and share. But, do you know what’s  really great? It’s the way that the students always share and help each other, creating a special bond that lasts well into their careers. So it’s not always what we learn but HOW we learn together.

The opportunity to learn about color and hone our craft as color consultants and designers is wonderful, but the friendships and business relationships that are created in each class are priceless. Remember that you don’t have to go it alone. It can be a lonely place being self-employed. We all need to have people that understand us to bounce ideas off of and support us. We need a community to thrive in and continue to learn and share. I am proud that this is the culture of ColorIQ! Learning doesn’t stop once you leave the class.

What our students Say…

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