What’s Your Color Personality?

I have this little theory that personality types correspond to a distinct color on a color wheel fairly consistently.

Nothing scientific or new here just an observation. We each have a color personality that we turn to for different things such as paint, accessories, makeup and clothes. It may change shapes every so often but we all pretty much have distinct preferences that we carry through life.

I started thinking about my clients and looking back I realized that they all fell into these 10 distinct groups. No matter what part of the country I am working in they were always the same.

personality color wheel

So, I thought it would be interesting to test this theory on myself. In terms of color personality, If I were to choose three words to describe myself, it would definitely be Water Baby (I think I was a dolphin in another life!), A Quiet Soul and last but not least a Traditionalist . Yep, this certainly describes me! Continue reading

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You Can Fool Mother Nature!

“Mother nature plays tricks with our eyes every day! but I have a few tricks of my own!”

We all have experienced crazy color phenomenon with vision and things certainly are not always as they appear to be. You might look at a color swatch in the paint store and be convinced it’s yellow because it looks like yellow and it’s named yellow so therefore it must be yellow. But you take that can of yellow can of paint home and as you start painting you can’t help but think that you got the wrong color! Your wall is green! Well, yes and no. It’s still the same yellow you selected, it’s just that there are many other factors that influenced the way the color appears in its final home. A trained color consultant almost never picks color straight from a deck because it looks like the right color. They pick a color that will change and morph into the correct color when all other conditions are taken into consideration. So, here’s a few tricks of the trade that professionals use to get color right every time. Continue reading

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