Will the Real Revere Pewter Please Stand Up?

 revere pewter 5 revere pewter 6 revere pewter 3 revere pewter 2

Have you ever looked at a beautiful room in a design magazine and immediately wanted that color? Or, your friend painted their master bedroom and you just had to have that color in your home? We’ve all done it, but as you can see above color can be quite deceiving. Yes, each of these rooms is painted the same color! Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. What looks one way in your friends space can look totally different in your house. Continue reading

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What’s Your Color Personality?

I have this little theory that personality types correspond to a distinct color on a color wheel fairly consistently.

Nothing scientific or new here just an observation. We each have a color personality that we turn to for different things such as paint, accessories, makeup and clothes. It may change shapes every so often but we all pretty much have distinct preferences that we carry through life.

I started thinking about my clients and looking back I realized that they all fell into these 10 distinct groups. No matter what part of the country I am working in they were always the same.

personality color wheel

So, I thought it would be interesting to test this theory on myself. In terms of color personality, If I were to choose three words to describe myself, it would definitely be Water Baby (I think I was a dolphin in another life!), A Quiet Soul and last but not least a Traditionalist . Yep, this certainly describes me! Continue reading

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Whispering Spring Color

Don’t you love Spring? Longer days, warmer temperatures, and flowers everywhere like a Disney movie where the animals sing and the flowers talk? I think that’s winter fatigue talking but we can still get a head start on feeling spring-like! So I’m on my annual search for perfect spring colors and fun projects to make everything fresh and bright. We can start with one or two of these;

Paint a room (Or even 1 wall)

Creamy Life

Add some new pillows Continue reading

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Color Palettes Inspired by Nature

Looking to nature to inspire. Here the pink clouds and purple sky dominate the color palette. The charcoal, brown and gold warm it up. Remember to look at proportion because nature always gets it right!

pink clouds palette
Pink Clouds Purple Sky
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Unexpected Color Combinations

pom+blueNothing excites me more than unexpected color combinations. I’m inspired by this one because it’s moody, elegant, and tells a story. Here, I extracted colors from the photo and played with the color combinations that could be used to design a color palette for the room.

Below are some great examples of this unexpected (and dramatic) color palette. Enjoy!


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