Student Testimonials

color wheel “I decided to repeat both Level 1 and 2 and it was the best decision I have made this year by far! Teresa and Gloria did a superb job in supporting me in the areas I did not “get” the first time due to wrong methods I have been taught before. The secret of course, is to go home after the courses and apply all the new found knowledge in order to streamline your Color business, which I have neglected a bit. And the support we get from Color IQ even after the course is complete is PRICELESS! You are not on your own unless you choose to be. My advice to any prospective Color Consultants out there: JUST DO IT! ” Max R. CACC2

color wheel “I cannot express in words my appreciation and gratitude to the both of you for the experience you provided this past week. I found both level 1 and level 2 Color IQ classes, exceptionally taught.  I am so excited and ready to begin this new journey into my Architectural Color Consulting career. Between the two of you and the great group of students, I left feeling very confident in my abilities towards success. The presentations from both Paula’s were fantastic and very inspiring. My right brain is turned on and I can’t wait to begin to create. I can say with all honesty, I’ve never looked forward to taking tests as I am now for my level 1 and level 2 certifications.  Must be a sign. Thank you again, and I cannot wait to see the new space in San Diego… ” Traci R. CACC2

color wheel Teresa Tullio with ColorIQ  in my experience is the one and only premier architectural colorist! I am incredibly grateful to her for following a calling to teach others.  There is a huge need for GOOD in depth training in this field. Her training blows all other training out there out of the water. Most schools and classes are at best Color 101. She delves into the paint tint system, full spectrum colors, creating your own palette, identifying the undertones, etc, I will never see color the same again. She goes into the business of color as well for people really meaning a career out of it.  As a Certified Kitchen and Bath designer I may not be practicing color consulting as the primary focus of my business, though someday I may, but I select whole home color palettes every day.  I love it that she sees the whole picture when selecting colors including the materials.  My cabinet and tile selections are part of the overall palette selection.  The education and practice I’ve gotten with learning and working with Teresa has been invaluable and has made me a better designer for my clients.  I’ve also learned where my limitations are.  Since I’m not practicing this every day like most true Architectural Color Consultants I know when I get that challenging project where I need to bring in the professional to work with my client.  My client’s deserve the best whether it’s from my continuing my education as much as I can or when I collaborate with other expert professionals.  I’ve taken Level 1 and Level 2.  I’m excited to actually select my own paint collection that will help simplify my life as a designer and help it be less overwhelming to my clients as well.  Thank you Teresa and Business of Color!”                 Paula Kennedy CACC2

color wheel “I highly recommend Color IQ and Teresa Tullio for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge and their color business. I was coming from a recent career change and new to the architectural color business. Teresa’s knowledge and teaching style are impressive, allowing for a novice like myself as well as the professional colorists and designers to not only be in the same class- but for all to be challenged, learn and grow in our expertise. I know that I can approach any size job- interior, exterior, residential or commercial- with confidence in my ability and the assurance that Teresa is always willing to offer guidance. Her extensive work portfolio, success as a business owner and ongoing support are priceless and put her in a category above the other color consultant certifications out there.” Jennifer Smith CACC2

color wheel “It is difficult to find the words to truly express what the Level I and Level II classes have given me.  I have always loved color and design, but I could not figure out how to translate for others what I knew on an instinctive level.  A year ago, my friend Amy (who is a successful ACC) encouraged me to seriously consider the Color Consultant training.  After looking at the information on-line, I decided to sign up for the training in Rhode Island for July 2014.  It was a stretch financially, but oh-so-worth-it!  Gloria and Teresa gave me the framework and vocabulary to interpret for others what is second nature to me.  They are knowledgeable, talented, passionate, caring, and fun.  Their teaching style is synergistic, and they obviously have great respect for each other, as well as a strong friendship.  Their love of the subject comes through each lesson. The other students were amazing!  Many were successful business owners who contributed real-life scenarios and solutions to broaden our discussions.  Sharing was the order of the day, with much laughter lightening the tasks at hand.  I know that if I have a question, or a vexing problem, any and all of my classmates (as well as Teresa and Gloria) would be happy to help me work it out. I can’t wait to continue this journey.” Jenn Sumi CACC2

color wheel “Looking for a professional Color Consultant to educate and mentor you on your way to becoming one yourself? Look no further! Teresa is not only passionate and enthusiastic about Color, she loves educating and sharing all that she knows with her students. And she’s so much fun and personable. The Level One class in San Diego surpassed my expectations to begin my path to become a Certified Architectural Color Consultant. Soon hope to partake in Level Two with Teresa at the helm. The Business of Color with Teresa is exactly where you want to be to get the grounding, knowledge, infusion and inspiration of what it means to become a color consultant. Another plus… I now have a community of wonderful, interesting classmates on this journey. Teresa, as mentor, is devoted to coaching and supporting us all to reach our individual dreams. And she will do the same for you. Gratitude Teresa.” Rachelle G. CACC1

color wheel “I have found so many other “certification courses” to be just that…a certification with very little new or informative content…ColorIQ Course is truly an education and I have learned sooooo much…I thank you for your experience, obvious talent, and approachability (REASON # 1 in my choosing your course over other courses touting their claim to color fame)…I guess in great movie quotes…”you had me at hello”…I had done my due diligence and research…TERESA  & Business of Color stood out from any other course I found…for me the “hands on” teaching was critical to experiencing real life consultations with clients and YOU (Teresa) personally answered all my phone calls regardless of the 3 hour east coast/west coast difference(including the Sunday evening when I was planning an un-expected flight)…looking forward to an amazing Level 2…Again, thank you for who you are, how you teach, and your willingness to share your talents with your students!  You have a gift!” “FYI…I just want to let you know that although I would like to have taken the test in one block of time…because my schedule has been so crazy…I have done it a little at a time.  It is definitely more challenging than I thought (the sentences) and I applaud you for the challenge…it has made me think and has been a detailed look into some of the material we just could not cover due to time…once again, your course and certification does require working knowledge and real studying unlike so many other certification programs…thank you for the challenge and subsequent knowledge we glean from the course and the testing process…I truly believe your desire is to prepare your students to avoid mistakes and to be the best they can be!  Thank you!” Corrie Taylor CACC2

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