Business of color“It’s no secret that choosing paint colors is a daunting task for most people”

Thousands of paint chips, no real help and tons of conflicting information. This is why I do what I do. As a color consultant I simplify the task, take the guesswork out of the selection and provide a clear map for the homeowner.

Sometimes folks think,”Why should I pay someone to pick colors, how hard could it really be?” Well, there’s more to it than matching pillows to paint color or plopping the latest trend colors in your home. Everyone’s home is different and don’t we all know that colors change from paint chip to wall. So, what does a color consultant do?

A trained color consultant is;

  • Trained to place color in perfect balance both in weight and temperature, value and chroma.
  • Understands your specific lighting conditions and know what colors will work (or not).
  • Knows how to place color (most people get this wrong).
  • Knows how to translate your individual style as well as the architectural style of your home into the perfect, harmonious palette.
  • Will know what a color will look like before it’s up on the wall.
  • And most important, a trained color consultant can do all this in an about 90 minutes without guessing or trial and error!

How many hours and $$$$ have you already spent trying to find your perfect color? When all is said and done you have probably spent much more than if you had a color consultant come in and do it for you!

To book a color consultation with a trained color consultant OR to find out about virtual consultations GO HERE