Natural Blues Go Bold

marble caves-01

Aqua and blues have long since been used to create calm and tranquil environments, but  I find these colors can also go bold and make quite a statement. Pairing them with other shades of blue and turquoise give them a bold and dynamic appeal. Which ever way you use it, it will always soothe the soul.

As I often use images from nature to inspire entire color palettes, the above image from the marble caves in South America inspired this color palette from Benjamin Moore.

Here are some other beautiful examples using the same colors for interiors.

By Mabley Handler

Dining room by Mabley Handler

aqua interior1

ombre stairs

Ombre Stairs

house of turquoise 1

house of turquoise 2

I assembled 3 color palettes just for you. They’re all Benjamin Moore colors  so feel free to click the image and download. Also, the colors in each row will work well together! You can mix and match and create a stunning color story throughout your home. Please remember though, these will look different on every computer so grab some samples from your local paint store and give them a try. Do take pictures so we can post them here!

color palette for download colori1-01

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