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color wheel “Teresa’s class, ColorIQ, is all that and more!  After several years as a Color Consultant, I felt I knew a lot about color and consulting, but Teresa’s knowledge and experience from running her successful Architectural Color Consulting businesses blew me away.  I learned more about paint than I realized I needed to know.  I gained a new understanding of paint pigments and how they are combined to create paint colors, as well as tools to help me “read” a paint color.  I learned ways to stream line the consulting process and practical, useful tips to improve my business.  The entire seminar is jam packed with information and tools that are immensely useful, and Teresa shares what she knows generously.  This is the ideal class for anyone interested in becoming an architectural color consultant, and for practicing designers and consultants who want to expand upon their understanding of paint and paint colors and the consulting business.     MaryClaire Dougherty” CACC1

color wheel “I have done several color courses, but wanted to learn the scientific side of color as well in order to be able to properly communicate the different facets of color and what exactly it is that will influence the way a color is perceived. Not only have I learned how to conduct a successful Color Consultation on  a professional level, but my new-found knowledge made it so easy for me to effectively collaborate with other professionals in the same industry in order to ensure a positive outcome for my clients.”   Max Ruthven CACC1

“Recently I discovered that I have a new passion for color and its application in architecture. I knew that there is a career in architectural color consulting but I didn’t know what it would take to become one. The ColorIQ Color Consultant Certification Course has provided me with the confidence that I need to start on the career path of becoming an architectural color consultant. The knowledge that Teresa unselfishly shares is from her experience as a color consultant and as a successful business owner. Teresa’s teaching methods are simplified and effective for the 4-day Level One Course.”  Ken Dang CACC1

color wheel “I took a long time researching other courses that were offered and nothing stood out more than what Teresa was offering.  She not only offers more content than most, but goes above and beyond to help her students in any way she can.  Teresa cares and that is so important when you are researching and especially when training on line.  What you see is NOT always what you get!  With the Business of Color/ Color IQ you never have to worry.  What you See is what you get!….and more.”   Merry Conner CACC1

color wheel After taking an (excellent) course in color theory, I felt I was missing something to be able to apply my learning to working with clients in the real world, with real paint and materials, in real houses. Teresa’s course provided me not only with a solid foundation for the business of color consulting, but a deeper expertise in color design as it specifically relates to paint. She gave me the tools and confidence I needed to start my business in earnest, and for that I am very grateful! Kelly Rogers CACC1

color wheel “As a “young” consultant, ie. only a few years into my color career, I was fortunate to run across the ColorIQ educational option. In short order I was enrolled and enjoying the knowledge and professionalism that Teresa Tullio imparts to her students. I can attest to the positive impact this process had on my business on a number of levels. Understanding the history and effect of color more clearly, being more comfortable with the uses of color in the architectural environment as well as seeing the opportunity of extending my practice into a wider variety of venues. I would encourage anyone interested in color to make every effort to join the ColorIQ graduates by attending the next available session! ”    Nancy Alwin CACC1

color wheel “ I am fortunate to have trained under Teresa Tullio through her ColorIQ course.  The course is overflowing with unknown color knowledge.  I am thrilled to see color in a new way and forever thankful for Teresa’s help launch my new career as a Color Consultant.   She truly cares about her students and I look forward to seeing where she takes us next!  I recommend her as an Instructor, Color Consultant, Artist and Designer.  Thank you Teresa!”  Kelly Paulson CACC1 (Online)

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