Interior Design | Redesign

“Sometimes all it takes is a fresh look at what you already own! Add some color, rearrange, fill in the blanks and you’re off and running to a brand new designer look for your home.”

idea boardWe recognize that each project is unique and the requirements will vary from project to project, therefore we always begin with a general meeting to discuss the scope of the project, address any questions or concerns and review timelines. We will then create a schedule of deliverables with timelines, checkpoints and contractual elements as well as a schedule of fees. Once these items are agreed upon, work will commence.

“It is always my goal to make the color and design process simple and stress free for my clients.”

  • Space planning
  • Room makeovers
  •  Home staging
  •  Flooring and tile
  •  Architectural finishes
  •  Window treatments
  •  Furniture selection.
  •  Shopping (online and in-store)

Initial Consultation | $275 first hour $125 each hour thereafter.

Commercial Projects | $650 first hour $275 for each hour thereafter

All projects are quoted with a schedule of deliverables in advance. Never any surprises!