Following My Bliss

my entire life I dreamed of a place where I can create art, share my passion of color and creativity with others and live my bliss…Bliss

So here I am mid-life and I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished. Two gorgeous daughters and 5 beautiful grandchildren, a successful business and a wonderful husband. But, there has always been that nagging vision of something undone. Something left to complete. Sort of the icing on the cake if you will. The dream of truly following my bliss and the dreams of opening an amazing art studio, drenched in beautiful light where I could spend days in front of an easel. A studio filled with stacks of canvases propped up against the wall and paint, paper, fabric and clay everywhere! No interruptions, just my favorite music playing in the background and fresh coffee in my French press. I dream of creating a place where other women can come and be inspired to create and feel the joy of color in their own lives. A real live chat room!

Oh yes, the dream is real and it is exceptionally detailed. So detailed in fact, I can feel the texture of the exposed brick walls and smell the paint drying on the canvas. For more years than I care to admit this dream has stayed with me to be replayed over and over. It has never changed!

So, why didn’t I ever fulfill the dream? Well, there’s this thing called life. I was wrapped up in taking care of children, trying making a living at a “real” job and well, just keeping up.


Ellaluna  Not my studio – my inspiration

Well, today I am realizing that dream. The vision is being fulfilled and is turning from vision to reality. And, while the dream was many years in the making the decision to just do it was not. In fact I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and said “why not?” There’s nothing stopping me but myself and by gosh, I’m not standing in my own way anymore. I turned on my computer and googled lofts and studios in San Diego. There it was! The building in my dreams and vision! Doesn’t look like much from the outside but hey, it was built in 1918 and was originally a moving and storage company. Lots of quirks and wide open spaces.











Imade an appointment for the very next day to go and view the available spaces and was blown away! Everything I envisioned was in each space. But she said “Wait, I have one more that’s not on the list. It just became available today and it’s on the top floor.” Say no more, let’s go see it! And there it was. 1100 sq. ft. of wide open space, 14′ ceilings and floor to ceiling black windows. And oh did mention the HUGE skylight? Completely drenched with light and amazing views of one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.

pioneer loft

This is it! Fresh coat of bright white paint and ready to be furnished!

My  mind couldn’t stop imaging how I would furnish it . Where will I put my easels and canvases? And then, smacked back into reality. “I have other people that are interested but you can put your application in and let’s see what happens”. Really?

After a complying with all the application requirements I crossed my fingers and waited a VERY long weekend to see if this was either a very cruel joke the Universe is playing on me OR I would be the proud owner of an amazing studio.

Well, here it is…I’m the newest and very nervous excited tenant of 313 4th St. Suite 615!

SD map.2jpgGaslamp Home2


So now that you know where, I will give you some ideas of what it will look like and what will be going on there! This is just a sneak peek of the before, you’ll have to stay tuned for the rest! 🙂

colorplace windows  colorplace skylight skylight colorplace  colorplace kitchen

Come and see my inspiration for the new studio and check out my New Studio Board on Pinterest.

Want to know more? Have goals for your business? Or want to take a class? You can contact me here and we can chat!


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