Custom Paint Color

Custom Colors

Custom Colors

We don’t believe that color is “one size fits all! You no longer have to pick a color from the paint store, Let us create the perfect color for you. “We will create your own “signature” color or colors and you can even name them! Your colors (and formulas) will never be reproduced for anyone else!

How do we do this? First, we ask lots of questions to get an idea of what color  you’re looking for. Then we create a sample sheet just for you. After you look over the samples you mark the colors you like or make notes and we will create your perfect color! Once we have it just perfect, we will send you full-sized sample sheets for your records. It’s fun to have colors that nobody else has, but even better, you will have colors that you love. Every time you walk into your home you will feel like a you just got a big, giant hug!


You can choose from one of our hand-crafted colors below. This original, handcrafted, full-spectrum palette includes 186 colors including whites and neutrals. It was originally created in 2003 by color expert, Teresa Tullio  specifically for her clients in Seattle, WA.  Today the color palette is  available to the public through this website only!

Color Group #1

Color Group #2

Color Group #3

Color Group #4

Color Group #5

color group #6