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ColorIQ 2018


Earn your certification as an architectural color consultant and confidently speak the true language of architectural color as it relates to the built environment. ColorIQ™ has been training Color Consultants since 2001, providing skills and tools to interior designers, decorators, stagers, architects and other color professionals. ColorIQ™ goes well beyond basic color specification with two in-depth levels of color education.

ColorIQ Level One is a standalone course that focuses on the 3 pillars of color consulting, The Fundamentals of Color, The Consultation Process and The Business of Color™.

ColorIQ Level Two continues to build on that foundation by focusing on color design in real-world practice. Expand your color design skills into a specialization or marketing niche and learn to work with other industry professionals such as builders, architects, developers and more.

While there are many courses that promise you’ll learn these skills in just a few days, we know it takes time, dedication and skill to become the best you can be so our promise to you is 100% continued mentorship and guidance beyond the class through personal, one-on-one meetings with the instructor.


What Will I Learn?

The Fundamentals of Architectural Color

  • Learn  the “real” Language of Color
  • Applying the Color Context Model™
  • Color Design vs. Color Specification
  • Psychological & Physiological Response to Color
  • Properties of Architectural Coatings
  • Correct Color Placement
  • Identifying Color in Natural Materials
  • Lighting, Geographic Orientation and Architecture and Its Effects on Color
  • Color Interactions and Design Influence
  • Exterior Color Specification
  • Learn the “New” Color Wheel

The Complete Consultation Process

  • Create an  Efficient & Profitable Color Consultant Kit
  • Compassionate Service vs. Customer Service
  • Learning the Tools of the Trade
  • Controlling the Consultation Process
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Client Indecision
  • Streamline for Maximum Profit
  • Client Archetypes
  • Site Assessment & Orientation
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Assessment
  • Color Selection and Palette Refinement
  • How to  Color Map Any Size Space
  • Building a large referral base

The Business of Color™

  • Set Your Pricing for Maximum Profit
  • Forms, Color Maps and Business Tools
  • Best Practices and Industry Standards
  • How to Become the “Go-To” Expert
  • Secrets to a Successful Sales Process
  • How to Fill Your Calendar with Clients!
  • Using Social Media to Your Advantage
  • Contracts, Insurance & Resources
  • Create a Marketing Strategy for your
  • Niche Discover your “GHOO” and Send Your Business to New Heights
  • Avoid the Newbie Pitfalls
  • The Color Consultant/Designer Code of Ethics


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