Got Questions?

What is ColorIQ?

ColorIQ is a three -level color training and certification program for architectural color professionals. ColorIQ teaches the science of color, the business of color and best practices specifically for color in the built environment. And the fun part? ColorIQ is an amazing group of color professionals that are beyond fabulous.

Who will benefit from this program?

We believe this course will be most beneficial to interior designers, practicing color consultants, stagers, real estate agents, architects, painters and specialty finish artists. However, we also have students tat are just in love with color!

What Makes ColorIQ different than other courses?

First, we are completely focused on architectural color. It’s what we do best! With an advanced curriculum that is balanced between the technical science and phenomenon of color to the correct way to design, place and specify color. ColorIQ is concentrated teaching of the concepts relevant and important to color consultants, designers, stagers and architects without all of the “fluff”. ColorIQ is applicable to your business immediately and is based on years of true and proven experience in this specific field. ColorIQ also provides unlimited mentoring and assistance to all graduates after the course is completed.

What won’t I see in ColorIQ?

You will not find basic color theory, (we believe you can find that information for free on the internet) We do not cover color in other practices such as print, photography or computer, they are not necessary to architectural color (but we will provide resources for those that are interested).

What is the coolest thing I’ll learn if I take this class?

You will learn to see the world with different eyes – you will start to see and experience the phenomenon of color and how it applies to the human environment. You will learn how to design color schemes that work, and understand the “Why” Through this course you will also understand the importance of correct color and the educated plan to specify those colors. Even if you thought you know all about color, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

Will I earn a Certificate of Accomplishment after completing this course?

Yes! Your certification as a Certified Architectural Color Consultant (CACC) is contingent on your combined participation, grades and project scores. But, this is not a “Pay to Play” class. Oh no! We do a lot of work, (and I mean a lot). And yes, there is a test!

What resources will I need for the class?

If you’re taking this course Online, you will need access to a computer and internet plus some basic art supplies such as tempera paint, colored pencils and artist’s paper. There are also some materials for your final project. Also you will need a color deck from any paint mfg. you choose. Be prepared to cut it up.

If you’re coming to a classroom, we provide all your supplies! You will receive a class syllabus when you register that will provide all the details for you.

What does a typical class look like?

In a typical ColorIQ class session we have lecture (not the boring kind) and everyone will have a full-color manual to work from. We also provide interesting and useful video and visual displays. We get messy with paint and architectural materials. We have discussions, Q&A and lots of cutting of paper. When we’re completely exhausted, everyone enjoys our traditional class dinner somewhere fantastic.

If you’re joining us via you online course you will experience all of the above with the exception of dinner. We can always do a virtual toast though.

What will I be doing in class?

You will also be introduced to real-world scenarios with clients and learn the best practices of color consulting. In addition, you will have access to your instructor for assistance or discussion. You will also be presented with approximately 6 hands-on projects to complete and submit to your instructor. Some of these projects will be tools for your consultant kit. (This is where the cutting and painting come in)

How often are classes held?

Level One and Two are held 3-4 times each year,  on San Diego at The Color Place. some of these classes are back to back for those that want to take both levels at the same time. Please check the schedule for updates.

Our online certification course is available any time and is completely self-paced

Please use the contact form below to receive registration and login instructions. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us here

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