Color Coach | Mentor

Color Coach |Business Mentor

Color Coach |Business Mentor

Struggling with selecting colors for your home or business? Let me assist you!

I understand  many people love DIY projects and take pride in the process. We also know that color can be tricky (and costly if you make a mistake) And, frankly color is more than just pretty decoration. I will help alleviate the fear of selecting color and turn it around to make the process fun and truly enjoyable. Let’s create a personal color palette together. It may be just a 15 minute phone call to set you on the right track to the best decision. Or, you might want someone to work with you throughout the process. Either way you are not alone.

Here is what you get: Let’s talk over Skype (I promise to get out of my PJs, but you can certainly be in yours) If you don’t Skype, we can go old school and use the phone. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty and discuss the issues that are the most important to you. I will offer a solution, color suggestions  or a color palette to follow. We will determine your personal style, architectural style and lighting to get started. When we’re finished with the coaching session I will send you my notes and a plan  for you to refer back to. You will come away with the benefit of my years of color experience paired with your DIY skills! A match made in heaven.

Business Mentor

Do you currently work in the color or design field and would like to discuss the business of color? I would be happy to schedule some one-on-one time with you to discuss and strategize meaningful adjustments to your current business. From marketing to consulting and best business practices. My many years of experience can benefit you by streamlining your process, increasing your profitability and creating workable solutions to roadblocks. Grab your coffee and let’s chat in an easy and relaxed session.

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30 minute Phone or Skype       $75

60 minute Phone or Skype      $ 125

90 minute Phone or Skype       $175