Client Testimonials

color wheel black0001“We were downsizing and our new condo needed color, it was very difficult because we are on the lake and the lighting is tricky. I didn’t think Teresa would be able to do but she did. Our home has turned out amazing. I love the paint, the color and Teresa”  Laura Z

color wheel black0001“I really needed to paint and I loved the way my niece’s color turned out. I visited all the stores looking for the right combination and blends of color. I decided to bite the bullet and call Teresa. My project turned out beautiful, I also like the fact that the paint was no VOC and environmental friendly”. D.H

color wheel black0001“I hired a colorist and the colors were horrible. When I would come home, I found myself crying on the porch because I didn’t want to go in and I had spent a lot of money for something that was horrible. Teresa came in and gave me my life back. I tell everyone about Teresa”  N. Wagner

color wheel black0001“I needed more light, the house was just too dark. Teresa was recommended by a friend- Her consultation was simple and it turned out great. She gave us the tools to complete our project within our own timeframe which was a lifesaver. I would recommend Teresa to anyone.”  M.S

color wheel black0001“Teresa was recommend to us by a another vendor, we were building 4 new homes and color wasn’t our area of expertise. Teresa chose all the colors inside and out as well as the flooring, tile, countertops etc… Her services made our life so much easier. The homes turned out beautiful”  Ted P

color wheel black0001I had no clue on color but I know that I wanted to something bold and that I would be selling in a year. The process was a huge struggle for me. Teresa was a referral and I love the way she took a comprehensive approach. I found that the service was a great value  Mark G.

color wheel black0001“Teresa allowed me to be honest, I am an out loud thinker and Teresa took that journey with me. She helped me think outside the box, brought peace beauty, created a vision, and gave me life in my home. Others pressured me and I felt that they just duplicated everything, there was no uniqueness. Teresa is on my A list”  Nancy F