Certified Color Specifier (CCS)

The Certified Color Specifier program is new in 2018!

ben mooreCCS was created to address the needs of painters and color specialists who aren’t involved in interior design or decorating. This course is everything you need to correctly specify color for your clients and everything you don’t need has been eliminated in order to streamline the content to provide the most important information.

Are  you leaving money on the table? Many painters and other professionals do it every day by avoiding color specification because they don’t know how to do it! Color IS the most important part of a paint job (to the client) and many people assume the painters know how to select color. In fact, most painters aren’t trained in selecting correct color and even pay others to do it for them.

CCS is packed with information, color tools, forms and processes for you to easily capture this additional income source by doing what you do anyway. Without getting involved in matching pillows or choosing fabric we will teach you the best and quickest way to correctly and confidently select interior and exterior color. Proudly display your CCS button on your website and marketing materials showing the world your achievement and skill.

And, we will be starting a linking service on our website for painters and paint companies that have completed the course and received their certification for our clients to select from! Do you want to be included?

Benefits to you?

*Increase your value in the service market

*Add a revenue stream to your current services

*Be the go-to authority on color

*Cut your unpaid labor hours on the job by having informed client decisions!

2 Day workshop + all books, tools and materials $675

Company discount for 3 or more registrants! Ask me how