The Next Generation of Countertops

kitchenFamilyCircle54First you should know I’m not a cookie cutter type of gal. I don’t want my home to look like every other home on the block. Same colors, same tile floors, same countertops and even the same cabinets. No, not for me. I much prefer dynamic design and personality…my personality, not contractors choice! So I’m always on the hunt for materials and colors, new or old, that can be incorporated into a very personal design for myself as well as my clients. This brings me to the subject of countertops and the element that is perhaps the most cookie cutter of all? Granite. Continue reading

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Color Palettes Inspired by Nature

Looking to nature to inspire. Here the pink clouds and purple sky dominate the color palette. The charcoal, brown and gold warm it up. Remember to look at proportion because nature always gets it right!

pink clouds palette
Pink Clouds Purple Sky
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